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The Bachelor’s Degree Programme in architecture, unique for Ukraine, is created and implemented by the team of the Kharkiv School of Architecture supervised by international experts from Europe and the USA. 

The Programme aims at raising a new generation of Ukrainian architects, proficient in construction methods, aware of the natural and the man-made context, responsible, capable of critical and holistic thinking, and ready for teamwork.

  • 1

    studio-based tutor-assisted training in small academic groups

  • 2

    aggregated group projects instead of a series of individual assignments

  • 3

    plunging into the context: applied research, working with clients, experts, and real areas

  • 4

    focus on tectonics and understanding beauty as rendered ingenuity, structural logic, and elegance

  • 5

    emphasis on studying constructions, technologies, and materials instead of manufacturing forms

  • 6

    studying the Humanities to approach the architectural profession and one’s own projects with critical comprehension

  • 7

    access to the global community of architects and experts during the training

  • Specialization:

    191 Architecture and Urban Planning

  • License of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine:

    Resolution No. 933-L dated 22 May 2018

  • Academic Program:

    Architecture and Urbanism

    240 ECTS credits

  • Program Duration:

    3 years and 5 months 

    3 years

    (admission based on previously obtained training)

  • Graduation Certificate:

    Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning

  • Languages of Training:

    Ukrainian, English

  • Training Mode:


  • Tuition Fee:

    60,000 per semester

The academic programme is based upon international experience in architectural education and unique for Ukraine. The Programme provides an opportunity to acquire basic competences in architecture and design by way of continuous practice and studio-based design of one’s own projects approximated to the real architectural practice.

Educational Formats

  • Program Blocks
  • 1 Semester
  • 2 Semester
  • 3 Semester
  • 4 Semester
  • 5 Semester
  • 6 Semester
  • 7 Semester
  • Studio
  • Architectural Design. Context
  • Architectural Design. House and Dwelling
  • Architectural Design. Public Function
  • Architectural Design. Multifamily housing
  • Architectural Design. The Grid
  • Architectural Design. Complexity
  • Diploma
  • Technical Block
  • Tectonics
  • Architectural Constructions - 1
  • Architectural Constructions - 2
  • Tectonics - 2
  • Building standards and planning legislation
  • Design Methods and Structures Analysis
  • Electives
  • Humanities
  • Fundamentals of humanitarian research of the city
  • Urban Material Culture: Dwelling and Community
  • Urban Material Culture: Arts and Learning
  • Introduction to Urbanism: Morphology and History-1
  • Introduction to Urbanism: Morphology and History-2
    Fundamentals of Political and Social Economy / Well-being and Health (Elective)
    Introduction to the Scientific Research
  • The Architecture of Urban Transformation
  • The Architecture of Urban Transformation - 2
  • The Skills Unit
  • Tools for creating architectural projects
  • Tools and digital technologies
  • Digital technologies- 1
  • Digital technologies- 2. Elective
  • Digital technologies- 3. Elective
  • Electives
  • Electives

During the course of study, twice a year, the students have traineeships in architectural offices of Ukraine and Europe, the Lab of the Kharkiv School of Architecture, leading research institutions, municipal bodies, and civil society organizations. During their traineeship, the students work with real-life cases of designing architectural objects and transforming cities. The students work within the local and the global contexts and search for new material incarnation of the space around them. They learn from well-known practitioners of architecture, curators, engineers, and outstanding researchers and theorists of today.

After graduating (3.5 years), the alumni/ae will be offered an opportunity of internship at well-known architectural offices of the partners and tutors of the Kharkiv School of Architecture. 







Do Architects
12N_Urban metters
Kotsiuba Landscape Architecture
Topotek 1
University of Ljubljana
Adam Mickiewicz Institute

Programme Director


Curator of the Technical Unit


Curator of the Humanitarian Unit


Curator of the Skills Unit


Гарант освітньої програми


Coordinator of the Higher Education Programmes

Kuba Snopek

Архітектор, дослідник, автор  книг «Belyaevo forever» та «Day-VII Architecture». Навчався і працював в Інституті медіа, архітектури та дизайну «Стрєлка».


Oleh Drozdov

Співзасновник ХША, куратор Технічного блоку ХША, викладач, засновник архітектурного бюро Drozdov&Partners.

Lawrence Barth

Професор урбанізму в AA School of Architecture, консультант по архітектурі та плануванню, куратор Гуманітарного блоку ХША.

Велика Британія

Oleksandra Nikitenko




Oleksandra Naryzhna

Перша проректорка та викладачка ХША. Архітекторка, урбаністка, міська планувальниця. Голова громадської організації Міські реформи, кураторка та керівниця проектів з трансформації Харкова.


Yevheniia Dulko

Магістриня політичних наук, випускниця програми Advanced studies in integrated urban development у CANactions. Позаштатна радниця Миколаївського міського голови з питань урбаністики.


The Kharkiv School of Architecture is a large community of national and international specialists. During the study, its students will work with experts from the leading architectural schools of Europe: Architectural Association School of Architecture (АА), UK, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich), Switzerland, the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Kharkiv context lays the foundation for all the programmes of the Kharkiv School of Architecture. Kharkiv provides great opportunities for those ready to accept its challenge and take part in shaping today’s history. It has always been a city of new ideas, great ambition and active cultural and intellectual life. The start of a new school of architecture in Kharkiv is by no means accidental. It was the foundation of Kharkiv University in the 19th century that gave the city a strong impetus for development. Kharkiv is a young students’ city; it has a tremendous scientific potential and offers great opportunities to young specialists of the new generation of architects.

Studying at the Kharkiv School of Architecture: Advantages

Application Procedure

Application Procedure